Konfabulator Widget for Backpack : UbiqMemo

Konfabulator Widget for Backpack : UbiqMemo


This widget has to be run with Konfabulator (renamed Widget Engine by Yahoo). It is connected to the Backpack service so you must have an account on Backpack to use this widget.

Backpack is both a personal and group oriented information manager. You can store information organized as list, links, calendar, whiteboard. The information can be tagged, and you can share it with others.

Backpack also give a remote access to your information through HTTP and a REST-like api. With this javascript api I built the UbiqMemo widget to stick on my desktop.

UbiqMemo is

Comments, bug reports, patches or whatever are welcomed at rdusong-at-nospam-tique-dot-org .


As this widget is not as simple as it should, here are some tips on using it.


Here is a screenshot of the widget showing test items from three lists on a backpack page.

screenshot of item elements

Default items list vue:

screenshot of item elements

Default note vue:

screenshot of note elements

More screenshots showing various themes.

Next version

Here are the next steps I shall make in no particular order and without any deadline.

Known bugs or limitations

This application is still in its infancy though it might surprise you ! It already faces some limitations of the functionalities exposed through the Backpackit API and other limitations from it's developper !

Known bugs

Known limitations


v1.0 aka the mythical version number - 03/06/2007

v0.9 - 07/30/2006

v0.8a - 04/06/2006

v0.8 - 03/09/2006

v0.7 - 02/23/2006

A release dedicated to bugs cleanup !

v0.6 - 02/07/2006

v0.4 - 01/23/2006

v0.3 second version - 01/19/2006

This second version can handle both notes and items.

The feature list is now :

The following bugs were corrected:

v0.1 first version - 01/13/2006

This first version is able to deal with: